Pastor Updates

July 31, 2020


Good morning Journey South Bay!

Hope you are having a great last weekend of July!

#1) Everyone faces battles in life. It may be a financial battle, or an emotional battle, or a relational battle, but the reality is we all face them. The question is not whether we will have battles in life, the question is: HOW will we fight the battles when they arrive? This week in our series Hallowed Be Thy Name we will learn a name of God that teaches us how God invites us to fight and win. Hope you can join us online by simply clicking this YouTube channel link or going to our website page here for the message Yahweh – Nissi, The Lord is My Banner.

#2) This Sunday, August 2nd at 10:30 am will be our annual church business meeting. Church members will vote on our nominated Leadership Team members as well as confirm our budget. We will hold the meeting via Zoom. Simply click on this link to connect to the meeting.

Meeting ID: 813 5488 2050
Passcode: 072318

#3) Ladies, if you’re reading this before 8:30am, then there is a specific invite for you TODAY to go on a nature walk! It’s a great way to start your day outside and with friendly faces (at a safe-distance of course). There are also 2 FREE guest passes so look below for more details!

#4) Invitation for the Day: Whatever question you are asking God: are You listening to me, are You helping me, are You providing for me, are You truly with me? “I AM” - Yahweh.

In His grip,
Pastor Jim