Pastor Updates

September 14, 2017


Good morning Journey South Bay!

#1) Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, terrorism, North Korea; there are some pretty major and scary things going on in the world right now. Could it be that we are living in the end times? This Sunday I am going to give you my answer to the question. In fact, let me go ahead and let the cat out of the bag. My answer is “yes”. Come find out why I think we are in the last days. Services 9 and 10:45 a.m.

#2) Small group sign ups begin this Sunday. As we like to say “Life is done better in circles than rows.” In other words the Christian life is meant to be done in community not alone. Visit the table between services to find a group for you.

#3) Also, this Sunday afternoon our Biblical Parenting Course kicks off at 5 p.m. We have had an outstanding response to parents signing up. If you’re a parent, now is your last opportunity to get on board by completing the form online here or contact Susan Truman at Your marriage and your kids will be glad you did.

#3) Thought for the Day: Your life is controlled by either faith or fear. When fear is in control, you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. When faith is in control, you give that weight to God and live free.

Yours for the kingdom,

Pastor Jim