Pastor Updates

November 24, 2019 


Good morning Journey South Bay!

#1) Wow, I heard the worship night last Friday was sensational! Sorry I had to miss it. Thanks to Eli and all who helped to make it such a great time!

#2) You are in a war! You may not know it, but you are. There is an enemy who is out to destroy you, and his name is Satan. Dismiss him and his evil cohorts at your peril. This Sunday we will look at how God has provided victory over our common nemesis. This is such an important message because so many of us are taking big hits from him and his lying agents. Hope you can make it as we finish our series through Ephesians with the message “You are Victorious!” Services at 9 and 10:45 am.

#3) This is the Sunday we bring our Operation Child shoeboxes to church. Hope you have been preparing yours, and if not, it’s still not too late to fill up a few. What a great opportunity to bless some children in difficult situations. By the way, if you don’t have the “official” shoebox, any box about the size of a typical shoebox will do.

#4) We have already sold half of our tickets for the annual Journey South Bay Christmas party on December 8th. So if you are planning to go, and I hope you are, this Sunday between services would be a great time to get your tickets before they are all gone. More info below.

#5) Hope for the day: He who is with you is > than he who is against you. Go live in His victory!

Yours for the kingdom,

Pastor Jim