Pastor Updates

March 27. 2020 


Good morning Journey South Bay!

#1) Attention Ladies: This Friday morning at 10:30 am and this evening at 6:30 pm there will be an opportunity to join other women in prayer via Zoom. See details below.

#2) Worship night tonight! Our own music director, Eli Jennings will be hosting a worship evening in his home! You can join in real time at 7 pm through the internet as Eli streams this time of focus on our Lord. Here is how you connect: Go to Journey South Bay Church YouTube channel (
or simply click on link here

#3) What’s the most important thing you can do during this COVID 19 crisis? Stay at home? Wash your hands? Be sure you are social distancing? Jesus says there is something even more important than all of that. And when you do this one thing, not only will you be blessed but those around you will as well. Gather your family and watch our video service this weekend on The Most Important Thing as we continue our series through the gospel of Mark.  You can connect by going to our website or this link

By the way, last week I suggested you keep your normal Sunday rhythms by watching the video at the same time you would typically attend worship at our campus. In other words, if you normally attend at 9 am, you would watch at 9 am, or 10:45 am watch at 10:45 am.  I was encouraged by many of you emailing or texting me that sitting down and watching at your usual time worked out well. But whatever time works, I will look forward to connecting with you via video.

Also, on the video this week there will be a button to subscribe to our JSB YouTube channel. Please do subscribe because you will then be notified via email or text when any new video is posted on our channel and if we get over 100 subscriptions other options become available to us through YouTube.

#4) If you’re a parent of a preschooler or elementary age child, Joanna Rodriguez has posted online through our website all the lessons, music, and crafts for your child’s Sunday School class. This is a great opportunity to bond with your child as you go through the Sunday school lesson together.

#5) Youth are connecting online both Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Go to JSB youth Instagram page to get the details.

#6) Finally, last week I shared that our youth director Ben Meyer and his wife Cristina are looking for affordable housing in the South Bay. Thank you to those who have responded with offers for temporary accommodations. Those offers are so appreciated! However, if possible, the Meyer’s would love to find some sort of permanent housing. If you know of any leads in our area, please contact Ben at

That’s it for now.

Love you guys and praying for you!

Pastor Jim


Pastor Jim