Pastor Updates

May 3, 2019 


Good morning Journey South Bay!

#1) What a wonderful Mother’s Day at Journey last Sunday! I hope every woman felt special…because you are! Thanks to all the men and to Trevor Kellogg for coordinating event. Great job guys!

#2) Women’s Spa Day was a big success! I have heard from a number of ladies about the fun time they had. Big thanks to Sue Wiley and Tania Heise in coordinating it.

#3) We understand life is about God, not us. But how do we stop our natural proclivity to make us and other things the center instead of God. This Sunday our guest speaker Dr. David Matson will be speaking on this topic with his message Nehushtan. David is a professor of Biblical studies and spoke previously to us a few months ago. He is an insightful and fun speaker. I know you will be blessed! Services 9 and 10:45 am.

#4) Thought for the Day: Are you living blessed or stressed this week? Focus on what God has done for you and you will live Blessed!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Jim